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Amy Haley Hoehn


Amy Haley Hoehn

November 2014 – Athlete of the Month

It was a hard choice this month with so many of our athletes making amazing strides in their fitness.  We see PRs on a daily basis, and the changes in everyone’s physique is just incredible.

When we took a broader view, Amy very quickly grabbed our attention.  Clearly she is looking amazing, lean and mean, she is challenging herself daily, now, more often then not, hitting the RX weight and PR’ing on her lifts consistently.  Beyond that, she is often seen working on her weaknesses, and being an asset to the amazing CrossFit Soulshine community!

We look forward to watching Amy progress.  She has the heart, determination, and positive mental outlook to continue to improve at CrossFit and more importantly life.  As Amy improves at the gym no doubt she would also agree, she’s a better wife, mother, and massage therapist.

The results of CrossFit extend far outside of our bright walls at CrossFit Soulshine and Amy is just another great example of that!

We are proud to acknowledge her as our Athlete of the Month!

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