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Coach Carmen loves Newbies!


Coach Carmen loves Newbies!

You may have noticed an influx of new faces around the box in the past month or so.  June was a huge month for CrossFit Soulshine with the addition of 30 new members!  With that being said, I have something I have to get off of my chest about the newbies….

I love you. 

Yup… I. Love. You.

I love that you don’t know how to clean.  I love that you don’t even know what a clean IS!  I love that when you come up to the whiteboard, you read the WOD with a completely confused look on your face like my cats when I tell them about my day. 

What I also love, is getting you into the correct squatting position for the first time.  I love the first time you finish a workout, the first time you drop the barbell (on purpose) and the first time you come in rocking that sweet new CrossFit gear which can only mean that you’ve REALLY drunk the Kool aide!

But what I love the absolute most is when you find your grit.  When I yell at you during a WOD “You got this!!” and you nod in sweaty determination and pick up that barbell.  I love the first time you cheer on another athlete who is still giving it his all after you have finished.  I especially love the first time you accomplish something that you never thought you could – when you ring that PR bell for the first time or come up to me after class and tell me how happy you are with what you accomplished. I love sharing in your achievements with you, giving you a good ass kicking and see how happy it makes you to have, not only survived, but absolutely crushed it!

The moral of the story? Don’t be scared.  Don’t be scared and don’t get frustrated when it doesn’t come as easy to you as the other athletes make it look, because we were all you once.  I remember more than anyone how awkward and embarrassing it can be when you are new to CrossFit but I promise, we have all been where you are and because of that, we all love you for it.

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