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What is it all about??

Interval Training

*See measurable improvements in your fitness without doing conventional “cardio” training

*Complete short, high intensity workouts that fit into even the busiest of schedules

*Workouts that are created by a skilled programming staff in an easy-to-follow format

Modification (Scaling)

*Workouts that are infinitely scalable, which means: you’ll always be able to join in on the fun

*Our coaches will make sure you are doing things that are appropriate for your fitness level, whether you’re new to working out or used to a different style of training

Safety / Proper Technique

*Learn from a team of coaches that are trained to keep you moving while keeping you safe

*Properly perform a variety of movements that will help you avoid injury both in and out of the gym

Weight Loss / Muscle Growth

*Finally meet your goals with a style of training that is targeted towards weight loss and muscle growth

*Join a large community of people who have become leaner, stronger, and healthier by training at CrossFit Soulshine

Good Old Fashion Fun

*Different workouts everyday that keep things fun and interesting

*A quality coaching staff who will know your name and your goals

*A supportive community who will cheer you on and celebrate your achievements
we jump rope, climb ropes, and so much more…

Constantly Varied


Functional Movement