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Inaugural Blog Post by Coach Carmen


Inaugural Blog Post by Coach Carmen

“Are you ready to change your life?”

I looked over at Jason who was on the phone with a new client and rolled my eyes. ‘Is this guy serious?’ I thought to myself. Jason and Dave are the owners of CrossFit Soulshine and the three of us were wrapping up an extremely long, but productive, Sunday afternoon meeting. Jason was signing up a woman who was interested in one of our limited Founders year-long memberships.

After Jason got off the phone I asked him “What the effe was that?”

He looked at me, shocked, “What do you mean?”

“’Are you ready to change your life?’?!? Seriously?”

For some reason, Jason’s words sounded trite, like a sales pitch for the “cult of CrossFit”, as our haters often claim. Was this what it was like for strangers who heard us on the street? For newbies who had yet to experience the sweat and exhilarating anguish of their first CrossFit workout?

The thing is, Jason wasn’t lying. He wasn’t trying to sell this woman on CrossFit. He was expressing to her what he lived every day – that as a CrossFit newbie, then athlete and now three-time box owner. Of course CrossFit was going to change this woman’s life! It had changed his!

As an avid CrossFitter, I should have known better. Hadn’t CrossFit changed my life in every way possible? I started CrossFitting two and a half years ago at Albany CrossFit. I was processing for a job as a Special Agent in the FBI and had to get myself in “fighting shape” to take their physical fitness test. I couldn’t do a pushup, I hated running and, despite my mile-long legs, sprinting eluded me.

Fast forward to present day. Not only do I now look about 64 times better naked, I was a pushup boss and I had snagged a fellow CrossFit athlete to be my live-in boyfriend. In addition to the physical change, CrossFit revamped and, dare I say, upgraded my personality. While I still considered myself socially awkward, it was now more as a tongue in cheek statement.

I can’t say enough good things about how CrossFit has changed my life so now I pose the question to you – are you ready to change your life?

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