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How many grams of Protein did you eat today?


How many grams of Protein did you eat today?

Don’t know?  Let me rephrase the question…”What’s your Fran time?” Oh, that you know?

Why is it that we all agree Nutrition is the base of the Fitness pyramid, but, we don’t know how much we eat.  Every CrossFitter knows everyone single one of their one rep max lifts, yet, hardly any can tell you how much Protein, Carbs, or Fat they’ve consumed any particular day.

We all hear about Games athletes eating “whatever they want” but I don’t believe this to be entirely true.  For one, I think they are much more in tune with their nutrition then they let on, and they are also freaks, they are the 1%, you are not. Furthermore, most games athletes at some point in their CrossFit journey weighed and measured their food.

I am regularly contacted by athletes frustrated with their performance or physique, and my first question is always, “how’s your nutrition?”  What do they say?  It’s good.  How can everyone’s nutrition be “good” yet some get results and others don’t?  Because not everyone’s nutrition is “good.”

I need athletes to have an objective view of their nutrition, not subjective.  What’s “good?”  Gluten-Free?  Paleo?  Only one bowl of Lucky Charms a day?

One thing we love about CrossFit is that it is measurable, observable, and repeatable.  Gone are the days of judging your workouts based on sweat or screaming.  Did your time go down?  Did your weight go up?  Did you finish more rounds.  Fitness is no longer subjective.  Then why do so many CrossFitters not apply this same measurable, observable, repeatable characteristics to their nutrition?

The answer is simple…because it’s harder.  Harder than what?  Harder than eating whatever you want, wherever you want.  Newsflash, it’s supposed to be hard.  If it were easy we’d all be walking around looking like Rich Froning or Camille.  The juice is worth the squeeze.  As we say about the Olympic Lifts, within the technical complexities lies the seeds of their worth, the same holds true for weighing and measuring, as hard as it is, that is where the results lie.

Almost everyone I have asked to weigh and measure has an eye-opening experience.  Whether they realize they don’t eat enough, or come to the realization they eat weigh more than their body needs to thrive, they learn about themselves and almost always quickly look, feel, and perform better.

Will it be hard? Yes. But just like Tom Hanks says in one of my favorite movies…”It’s supposed to be hard, it’s the hard the makes it so great!”

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  1. Elise Massimo

    “The juice is worth the squeeze”

    Best statement I’ve heard in a long while! Great read. Was just talking to my coworker who weight trains about protien and we were figuring out how much we need vs actually consume. Makes for a good reality check, especially if gains aren’t being made like you want.

    Thanks Jay!

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