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Meet Jim Day!


Meet Jim Day!

Jim Day is CrossFit Soulshine’s newest coach! Jim coaches the Monday and Wednesday 6am WOD.

Jim Day is a Senior Manager of Energy Efficiency Programs for a Fortune 500 company and resides in Ballston Lake with his wife and three children. His experience in the United States Navy as a nuclear Machinist Mate embedded detail-oriented processes, and his current role as a Senior Manager has evolved his skills for leading groups of people and identifying various methods to facilitate the success of others.

Upon turning 40 years old, Jim arrived at a point in his life that many experience: being very engaged and active in high school and collegiate sports, getting married and starting a family, growing his professional career, then looking in the mirror one day and realizing his health and fitness had suffered due to the many demands of life. Jim realized that if he wanted to watch his children mature, have grandchildren, and “grow old” with his wife, he knew a change was order.

Jim’s wife, Noël, has always been active and maintains a healthy lifestyle that includes a focus on nutrition and fitness. Noël re-introduced Jim to an exercise regimen that included typical aerobics classes and boot camps to jump start his efforts. After becoming re-acclimated to regular exercise, Jim started seeing results that included weight loss and improved quality of life. After two years the return of improved fitness brought with it the unyielding desire to be better. Jim sought greater improvements and challenges to further test what his “new” body could do.

Enter CrossFit.

After hearing about and watching the 2011 CrossFit Games on ESPN, Jim was fascinated by the dynamics of CrossFit and wanted to know more. Jim subsequently visited a local CrossFit box while the members were performing a Workout of the Day (WOD) and the experience transformed his vision of how he could improve his fitness. The atmosphere was electric – loud music, guttural sounds emitting from people somehow equating to the hard work being performed, barbells being lifted from the ground to over athlete’s heads, and something he’d never seen before – members who had completed the workout circling around those still working and cheering them on, LOUDLY! It was as if he had entered an arena filled with screaming fans cheering for their favorite team or athlete. It was inspiring and motivational to watch the last few members finish their WOD to the cheers and clapping of fellow participants. He wanted this. He needed to be a part this thing called CrossFit. And so it was, two weeks later Jim started his CrossFit journey.

Having participated in multiple sports when he was younger, Jim quickly became proficient with many CrossFit movements while struggling with others. Because of his inherent competitive edge, Jim became a student of CrossFit – studying the movements, what is required to become proficient, and understanding the nuances that made the difference between a satisfactory repetition and a “no rep.”

Jim’s unrelenting pursuit of knowledge led him to obtain his CrossFit Level 1 Trainer credential in October 2013 to reinforce movement fundamentals and identify areas of improvement. His increasing proficiency enabled him to be competitive within the Masters division of CrossFit and establish credibility with those around him.

Upon joining CrossFit Soulshine, Jim’s dedication and commitment to improvement (both his and others around him) became evident and it was clear that Jim was ready to share his experiences and knowledge as a coach to facilitate the success of others.

Certificates and Seminars:
CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
CrossFit Judge Certified 2013
CrossFit Judge Certified 2014
Currently pursuing his CrossFit Level 2 Trainer credential

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