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Mike Hogan


Mike Hogan

January 2015 – Athlete of the Month

One of the first things Mike said to Dave and Jason when he walked into CrossFit Soulshine was, “you don’t know who your F*cking with!”  He was right, we didn’t.  But what we quickly realized was we had someone that was willing to work their butt off to improve.

Day one, he couldn’t get below parallel in an air squat, struggled to drive his knees opened, and his back rounded worse than Mo taking a dump.

But for the last three months Mike has been one of our most consistent athletes.  Not only does he show up and work hard, but he practices.  You will often see him sitting in the bottom of his air squat, he listened.  Work the basics, and that he does.  Due to that, we have seen his Front Squat go from non-existent to well over.  In addition his bodyweight movements have improved drastically and his lungs which were already strong are even stronger!

Mike notices the difference outside of the box as well, with his skiing stronger than ever and overall feeling better!

As crazy as Mike is, we love having him at CrossFit Soulshine and look forward to many more PRs with him!

“Set the gearshift to the high gear of your soul,
You’ve got to run like an antelope out of control.”


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