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No Sugar November!


No Sugar November!

Giving up sugar won’t be easy. Several popular articles have highlighted the similarities between sugar’s effect on the brain and cocaine’s. Though these effects are exaggerated, the challenge is exposure: sugar is everywhere.

Total avoidance of sugar is impossible. All carbohydrates are sugars of varying complexity. Fruits have simpler sugars, which break down in your mouth and taste sweet. Potatoes are more complex, but hold them in your mouth for awhile and they’ll start to taste sweet. Luckily, by avoiding added sugars, corn syrup and the sour-cream glazed, we can still make a lot of headway.

We’re well aware that Halloween is the night before the start of No-Sugar November. Go ahead and create some regrets: waking up nauseous from hypoglycemia is probably not a great strategy, but MIGHT keep you away from donuts before 9am.

On the other hand, this roller-coaster of glucose is probably what’s causing you problems in the first place…so you might as well take it easy on the kids’ stash.

CrossFit Soulshine is here to support you!  Our coaches and our athletes, let’s band together and kick this sugar addition once and for all!

This challenge is borrowed from CrossFit Catalyst, but we should all be doing it!

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