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This is not the Gym.


This is not the Gym.

Written by Coach Carmen

The internet is full of cute, and not so cute, lists and articles about things that happen when you start doing CrossFit.

  1. You start looking better naked
  2. Your awesomeness ratio goes through the roof
  3. You start correcting anyone who calls your “box” the gym

Many people cite this last one as evidence that CrossFitters are self-important ass-hats. Why does it matter if someone calls this place a gym versus a box? Believe me, it matters. But don’t take my word from it, take the word of the new member drop in that I absolutely eavesdropped on during his first WOD at CrossFit Soulshine (in a completely not creepy way).

“Drop In” came through the door looking for a good way to shed those last few pounds that he had put on since college/changing jobs/whatever. His co-worker had come to CrossFit Soulshine about a month earlier and quickly became one of our most enthusiastic members. Because of this, she had brought him along to try out a WOD. The WOD that night involved box jumps, deadlifts and toes to bar – all fairly straightforward movements and all easily scalable for “Drop In”.

At “3, 2, 1, go!” we all started moving through our five rounds for time. Being the self-appointed mama bird of Soulshine, I kept my eye on “Drop In” even as I slugged through my own five rounds. “Drop In” held his own and had remarkably good form. After everyone was finished, we all sat around making sweat angels and trying to catch our breath.

I hear “Drop In” tell his friend – “This is NOT the gym… (pant, pant)… I NEVER feel like this after the gym!”

And of course he was right. Ask any of our athletes who have prior globo gym experience. Doing to same six lifts, at three sets of ten NEVER made you feel remotely like how you feel after doing Eva, DT, or Fran. CrossFit is something different entirely and should be recognized as such. So go ahead and call me a self-important ass-hat, just don’t call my box the gym.

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