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You are in charge of you.


You are in charge of you.

Written by Coach Carmen (CFL2)

CrossFit Soulshing is not a magic pill.  It is a building, just like any other, made of drywall and cement and metal beams.  While we do have excellent coaching, that means nothing if you don’t have that one thing necessary to make this whole thing work – the drive and determination to change yourself.

Joining a CrossFit is nothing special.  Having a CrossFit membership simply means that you gave someone your money for the month.  If you want to change yourself, it is done in the coming in, the showing up, the really being present for each and every WOD – physically and mentally.  Being committed to change, means walking through the door, even when you’ve seen that the WOD is Kalsu, and giving it everything you have.  Having a membership means nothing if you aren’t going to put in the work.

And that is where the coaching comes in.  I love nothing more than to coach an athlete who is eager to improve themselves.  It can be a brand new athlete or a seasoned pro who knows that there is always room to get better.  As a CrossFitter, you have to be receptive to good coaching, and that means listening and then trying your best to implement the instructions the coach has given you.  As coaches, we want nothing more than to turn every athlete into the very best athlete they can possibly be.  We can tell the difference between telling an athlete to drive out their knees in an air squat and being told “that’s as far as they go” versus telling another athlete the same thing, seeing it in their eyes that they are pushed to their limit and yet they still try to push those knees just a half an inch further out.  Only one of those athletes is going to change their life.

Changing your life comes from you, from each and every individual athlete that comes through the doors of Soulshine.  You have to be ready to give us everything you have, to commit to coming to class and giving 110% every time you do, to being receptive to the knowledge bombs the coaches drop during and after WODS.  We won’t change your life, and this place, this building, sure won’t.  YOU are the one who can do that, who will do that.  We are just here to help.

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