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Primal Bliss Nutrition


Primal Bliss Nutrition

Our nutritionist, Kathryn Kos from @primalbiss is a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner at the Living Well Center in Ballston Spa, NY. Kathryn works with people who have digestive issues, auto-immune conditions, skin conditions, hormone imbalances, and food sensitivities.  She also works with people who are just looking to lose weight or make better food choices.

Kathryn is offering her fellow CrossFitters at CrossFit Soulshine a free initial consultation and 20% off all packages!  This offer is exclusive to CrossFit Soulshine athletes.  You can reach Kathryn at 518-260-9749 or

Kathryn will also be doing a Nutritional Talk, Wednesday, November 12th, at 7pm, “What is the Paleo Lifestyle.”  This talk is free for everyone and open to friends and family of CrossFit Soulshine!

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