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Reflection on our first month.


Reflection on our first month.

CrossFit Soulshine has been open for just over one month and we could not be happier.  Dave and I had a vision for CrossFit Soulshine, we wanted to focus on the basics of CrossFit.  Coach Glassman said, “The magic is in the movements, the art is in the programming, the science is in the explanation, and the fun is in the community.”  Dave and I being avid CrossFitters and believers in CrossFit in the truest sense, knew if we could strive for this, we could be successful and more importantly happy.

From Day one, we have focused on movement, making sure you, our athletes move safely, efficiently, with a purpose, and consistently.  We harp on your mechanics because we know that’s where the magic lies, from keeping you injury free to setting you up for success down the road.  With proper mechanics now, PRs will come longer and more often.  We applaud you all for listening to us, for trusting us, and for leaving your egos at the door.

The fun…well, you all have been amazing.  In less than a month our community has become a group of fun-loving, WOD-crushing, friends.  From cheering one another on, to food prepping as a team, to telling all your friends and family about CrossFit Soulshine, our community is amazing.

We look forward to more and more months with all of you.  We look forward to seeing you progress on your CrossFit journey and helping you become the best, happiest, and healthiest you possible!

Thank you!


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