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Stephanie Turoski


Stephanie Turoski

October 2014 – Athlete of the Month

We are proud to announce our very first athlete of the month, Stephanie Turoski.

From the moment we broke the news that CrossFit Soulshine would be opening in Saratoga Springs, Stephanie was on board…and by on board I mean she was insanely excited!

Stephanie has been one of our most consistent athletes, hitting class at least 5 times per week and beyond that making some serious changes to her nutrition habits.  Stephanie has been completely strict in her eating habits, going with a paleo lifestyle of meats, vegetable, nuts, and seeds.  She has recruited some of her Soulshine buddies and they do a prep day once a week in order to set themselves up for success.

Beyond her times, scores, PRs, and eating habits, Stephanie is helping to foster our amazing community.  From carving pumpkins to spreading the Soulshine message on Social Media, to just always being fun and friendly at classes, Stephanie exemplifies the Soulshine lifestyle.

We are proud, humbled, and excited to have her as our first athlete of the month and as a part of our CrossFit Soulshine community!

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